Meaning of 2017, 10th of March

Finally, The president Park was forced out from the office.

Apart from the reason she was impeached, this incident could be the turning point for the modern history of Korea in terms of democracy.

I used to behave like an idiot who doesn’t care about the political issues around me. 

But thanks to the last two presidents of Korea, I was forced to realized how big it was. 

Freedom of speech, role of government and how one person who has power but does not have justice in their mind can impact on entire country are the things that I have learned. 

Personally, I felt it was too long. I know it’s people in Korea who choose them but even with consideration of wrong decision we made, 5 + 4 years been too long because many says that democracy in korea was regressed to the 20 years ago.

Candle light demonstration and  JTBC Press was the start, 1400 milions in 19 times protest over half years in public square around nation changed everything. 

I do not want to say we are great country but one thing I am proud of is that, it was different from past. No blood, no shot, but through out the whole impeachment process, we followed constitutional rules.

Citizens of Korea take democracy back to the 2017 while corrupted President wanted it 20 years ago.

I know we have long way to go, all those trashes from last 10 years need to be cleaned up but we have only 60 days to assess the next president who need to do that job.

And already many politicians are doing trash talk.

Korea has history that failed punishing the collaborator to Japan when independant from them. 

So it needs to be different this time, because that’s one of the reason why this tragic issue happened.

I feel those who politically ruled Korea last 10 years have ruined this country.

But seeing the crowds waving hands to the impeached president, it seems that there are still many people who has different view.

Let’s just remember that we need to evolve not only physically but mentally. 

Democracy begins when you admit they are different and try to find way together for co-existence. 

But society can be broken if concensus between us is not kept.

The concensus, that we follow social rules and constitution and punish who does not.

Today is not for celebration because we just moved one cornerstone from wrong place to right place to make the world.

So let’s keep eyes open until everything is actually on the right track.

But you know what? it has one more meaning. I can proudly say to my dauther just born 2 days after it that I gave a little better world.

Sweet~! my baby


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