Write now!

Tigers die and leave their skins: People die and leave their names.

Writer leave their books, Great man leave their name in the history. Maybe it’s in instinct of human nature that we want to leave something for our next generation.

I use to have dream to become a person who can contribute to the world  by making something amazing and have tour around the world to show it.

You know, like famous person giving a lecture in TED.

But after reaching 35, those think faded away because I realised I am not smart like those genius and I do not have guts to start something completely new.

I even had doubt on my abilities when talking with newbee who has passion and energy.

You know, I am only 30 something age but I already have thoughts like this. I do not want to accept it but maybe it’s time to let my dream go isn’t it? Very Sad…

Really? No!!

Recently I changed my mind after I saw one economist came to the podcast show saying about childcare economy.

You may wonder why. He used to write books about social economic issues but last 5 years he become father of two childrens and from the experiences, he realized what sort of childcare economy in Korea should be fixed.

So to share that information, he released the book and be in a media.

I know myself badly needed those information when my first child was born.

However it’s not the contents that I want to talk about today but it’s how his experience changed his interest and how it effect on society.

Considering those timely created information, I realised, it’s not only genius who can contribute to the world but if you experience something and have know-how on it, you can also do the contribution.

Come to think of it, I have given more than 20 speeches in Toastmasters meetings and from the office, I have many problem solving experiences which maybe people outside needs.

More importantly, I love sharing thoughts with people.

Then can I also make contents with my experience?

Creating and re creating contents by adding thoughts on something that happen around me, is what I can do.

This may not be explosive like complete new invention, but If I do it continuously and get acknowledged by those who need it in timely manner, can it be something useful?

Cumulated writings of expertise or view on activity of the world will reveal myself as well as provide useful information for others.

So why don’t you make use of your experience now?

For those who need how to share, here I have small tips for you.

worldpress.com is for those who writes, this is a blog that are optimized for the writers

you can change theme of blog,  and make draft before publish as much as you want, and it even support different view for both PC and Mobile.

I was kind of surprized how much function it provides and you know what? it’s free for basic functions.

so.. Here you have everything. Let’s Write N.O.W.



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