How to be friend with English and become good public speaker

I think many people in Non-English speaking country have same concern when it comes to English. They want to know how to study effectively and communicate well with others with it.

shall we talk about becoming good communicator first?

do you have many chance to speak in front of audience? If you are working at the company like me. I guess you already have some experiences.

Let’s say you are the freshman at work, you may receive assignment to study and requested to present it to colleagues until you are ready to do the real work. and if you are in the level of management, probably, you need to lead regular meeting, conference and even give a lecture to the colleagues. and if you are in the middle of mentioned position, you may be in many situation to report the result of project or about work you do.

Its all continuation of doing public speech

Speaking impressively is very difficult but what happen if you need to speak even to the international audiences?

some people have difficulties of speaking itself in front of many people due to lack of experience and for the some people although they never had problem with audiences, but they have difficulties of using English, and of course, for most of people like us, we suffers from both issues.

here is one small tip for you regarding how to prepare public speech.

Never make full script of speech. Many people misunderstand that they need to memorize every single word from script. Although it is necessary to prepare the script, it’s more important for speaker to be aware of contents and transition of story. if you are well aware of the contents and transition of story, you can easily recover from the lost and even customize your speech during the speech time.

For example, if you saw the red sign during the speech so you have to finish it quickly, maybe you can cut off the paragraph which you think is least important and in case the audience seems that they need more explanation to understand, you can give example of your story.

So focus on contents and transition of story when you prepare the speech because that’s way to change public speech from one way talking to conversation between speaker and audiences

How about study English effectively?

Do you know what is virtuous cycle? and how do you think about Virtuous teaching cycle?  You may wonder what it means.

During my school years, I was in the legacy process of teaching and learning. There was a teacher and a student. who teach and who learn. But expert says that best way to learn English is enjoy using English or have fun with it. watching movie or USA Drama or make friends who use English.

So it’s about you using that language in your daily life. But is there any place where we can be guided in formal system to learn about practical use of English? I mean, I want to organize party using English. I want to perform good presentation in English. I want to do MC with audiences of course in English.

ToastMaster doesn’t have teacher, but they have Mentors, Officers and other members of Toastmasters. You can always get help from them. you can be involved in many roles and even give information to others during review/speech or education session.

It’s like teaching and learning at the same time just like “Virtuous teaching cycle”. You learn while you are preparing and you teach by doing speech in the meeting and you lean by getting feedback of your speech.

It’s wonderful system of ToastMaster that everybody is a teacher and a student. and it’s you who use that certain language and of course, it’s you who manage the schedule of studying.

Well.. Public speech is very important but difficult to master, however, I think you just need to put time and effort in the proper system. 

Especially to those who are lack of confidences in English and public speech..

Never ever give up!

Then one day, you will see yourself talking in English among people as a leader.


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